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Choose Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio for Automotive Dealerships Cleaning Service

Part of operating a first-class automotive dealership is making sure your facilities receive first-class cleaning services. With cleaning services from Jan-Pro® of Cleveland Ohio, your automotive dealership receives spotless, commercial-grade cleaning solutions. Join other area automotive dealerships that trust Jan-Pro® of Cleveland Ohio for superior cleaning services.

We Give You a Showroom to be Proud Of. You want your vehicles looking their absolute best. But vehicle appearance doesn’t end at new tires and detailed waxing. Jan-Pro of Cleveland, Ohio makes sure your latest models are displayed in an environment that brings out their new-car shine. Use our automotive dealership cleaning services to give your vehicles a showroom that makes them look exceptional.

We Know Every Square-Inch of Your Dealership. Our cleaning service teams are fully trained in every part of your automotive dealership. Whether you need help keeping your service bay attractive and orderly, workers who can give you spotless showroom windows, or need to make sure your floor receives the specialty cleaning it needs, Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio can make your dealership shine.

We Help You Stay Enviro-Conscious. With Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio as your cleaning provider, you’re doing your part to keep green. Our team’s cleaning solutions use fewer chemicals than other providers to achieve better results. We also employ EPA tested solutions, such as our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfecting system.

We Rely on Smarter Systems than Competitors. With cleaning services from Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio, your car dealership benefits from the Jan-Pro Tracker® System. This system involves a detailed, 50-point checklist that we use to make sure your cleaning stays consistently first rate. To ensure air-quality, we use HEPA tested vacuums. We also use color-coded flat mops and microfiber cloths, reducing the danger of cross contamination.

We are Trained and Certified Cleaning Experts. Before launching Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio, our management team received certification from one of the most rigorous cleaning and customer service training programs in the industry. We back up our expertise with our professional guarantee: if your auto dealership has a cleaning or service concern, we will fix it in 24 hours. Otherwise, you receive a free cleaning, on us.

We’re Fluent in OSHA. Our systems are put in place to make sure your auto dealership is 100% compliant with health and safety standards. From hazardous communication standards, to blood borne pathogen compliance, to MSDS handling and labeling requirements, we cover all the variables in automotive dealership cleaning services to ensure we are OSHA compliant.

We’re Professionals, Through and Through. When you contract with Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio, you’re working with people you can rely on. Our staff is committed to your dealership’s cleaning services. We also wear uniforms complete with ID badges, keeping your dealership secure and looking professional.

Contact Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio today about getting started with our automotive dealership cleaning services.