Day Care Centers and Preschools

Your Trusted Day Care Cleaning Service in Cleveland Ohio

Providing a germ-free environment at your day care or preschool is providing a worry-free place for children to learn and play in. JAN-PRO® of Cleveland Ohio offers more than just cleaning services. We offer peace of mind for your day care faculty as well as to the parents of the children in your care. A clean facility is a healthy and happy one.

Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio knows that parents will always worry when having to part with their young children. We want to help ease some of that worry by ensuring your day care is clean and healthy. Day care facilities can be a breeding ground for germs, which is why a comprehensive cleaning service is critical for keeping harmful viruses and bacteria from thriving.

We start by using our EnviroShield® disinfecting system to kill almost all germs and bacteria lurking in your facility. EnviroShield® will protect your day care from H1N1, MRSA and over 40 other contagions that pose a threat to your faculty and children. Our EPA-tested, hospital-grade disinfectant works by coating every surface it touches, safely and completely. That means we can even spray your children’s toys without doing any harm or leaving any residue behind.

Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio is dedicated to providing a day care cleaning service that is consistently the most thorough it can be. We avoid cross contamination in your day care by frequently changing our color-coded cloths and flat mops. The HEPA quality air filters in our vacuums also help to keep the air cleaner.

We are not only focused on today’s cleaning tasks, but are looking forward to the future of the children you care for and the environment as well. Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio proudly offers earth-friendly cleaning products in our day care cleaning services. These products are not only the strongest on the market, but also safe to you, the children in your care, and the earth we all share. This winning combination means we can use a lower volume of chemicals while still achieving a stellar and healthy clean.

Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio trains our team to be the best in the business. After all, what would all of our advanced technology and processes be without a trained crew to run them? Our day care cleaning services teams have participated in background checks prior to working at Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio. We also provide rigorous initial and ongoing training to ensure our technicians are knowledgeable and aware of advancements in cleaning technology and processes.

For the safety and security of your staff and the children in your care, anytime our staff enters your day care facility for cleaning service, they will be in full Jan-Pro uniform with their ID badge clearly visible.

Put the health and cleanliness of your day care in JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio’s capable hands. Call us today at (440) 605-9000 for more information regarding our day care cleaning services.