Add JAN-PRO to Your Menu for Five-Star Results

There’s no business more hectic than a restaurant. The front of the house, the kitchen and even the storage areas must be impeccable, not only for the sake of your guests, but for their safety, too. We understand the challenges you face, and how to alleviate one the biggest — keeping your restaurant clean.

We’re Your Recipe for Success. At JAN-PRO we take a unique approach to commercial cleaning by using a proven system of branded processes we call JAN-PRO Signature Clean®, JAN-PRO Technics® and JAN-PRO Tracker® that enable us first to measure and then deliver unequaled cleaning quality and service consistently.

Your Reputation Is at Stake. And so is ours. Our franchise owners are just that — owners of their own businesses. This means they’re highly motivated to do whatever it takes to add the small but important touches to your restaurant’s appearance. Whether it’s taking care of a hand print on a counter, a cobweb by the door, or a stray napkin on the floor, your JAN-PRO franchise owner will handle it, so you don’t have to.

No Short Cuts Allowed. All JAN-PRO franchise owners must complete an extensive five-week JAN-PRO brand standards certification program — the most comprehensive in our industry. Before they ever touch your facility, they will thoroughly learn how to clean it the JAN-PRO way.

We’re Both on the Same Team —Yours. Many of our restaurant clients tell us we act more like a business partner than a vendor, and that’s just fine with us. Because restaurants are a high-demand industry, we know we’ll often be required to go beyond our standard scope of work. We do it willingly, and it results in strong relationships with our clients.

A Healthy Respect for Your Environment. At JAN-PRO, we only use cleaning products and equipment that are environmentally safe and effective. Our hospital-grade disinfectants have a broader kill spectrum, so we can use less of them. Our backpack vacuums use a four-part HEPA filter process to remove 99.9% of particles to the size of 0.3 microns from the air. Our color-coded microfiber cloths reduce the risk of cross contamination, and our microfiber flat mops make short work of cleaning the toughest floor surfaces.

We’re Seen in All the Best Places. For each of the past two years, JAN-PRO has been ranked the fastest growing franchise in the US in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 Awards. It’s little wonder that JAN-PRO proudly lists among its restaurant clients such prominent names as Johnny Carino’s, Chili’s, Pei Wei and PF Chang’s.


To make JAN-PRO your commercial cleaning partner, contact your local JAN-PRO office.