Schools & Universities

School and University Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO® of Cleveland Ohio

A clean and healthy environment promotes learning. Giving your students and faculty facilities that are clean and disinfected is critical for academic success. JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio is here to help provide unrivaled cleaning services that make sure your school receives top marks.

Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio understands the immense challenge of keeping a busy school environment healthy and safe. With the number of people moving through your classrooms, offices, hallways, and other facilities, germs can become a nightmare to keep under control. Our school cleaning services control harmful bacteria and viruses and ensure every room in your school is a safe haven for learning.

We tailor our school cleaning services to the unique needs of your academic environment. Our EnviroShield® system is a world-class, EPA-tested disinfecting system that is proven to kill almost all germs and bacteria.  EnviroShield® will protect your school from H1N1, MRSA and over 40 other contagions. Our disinfectant is so powerful because it wraps around every surface it comes into contact with, without leaving any residue behind.

When you partner with Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio, your school will benefit from our thoughtful and carefully planned cleaning services. We avoid cross contamination between your school’s various facilities by containing and eliminating germs. Frequently changing our microfiber color-coded cloths and flat mops and using HEPA quality air filters are just a few of the ways we control the spread of germs. We also pay special attention to high touch areas where viruses are most likely to breed, cleaning every small detail so it doesn’t cause bigger problems later.

At Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio, we care about the future of the students you are teaching today. That’s why we are proud to offer our school cleaning clients in the Cleveland area the ability to choose earth-friendly cleaning products. The products used in our school cleaning services are strong, but also safe both to humans and the environment. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Jan-Pro of Cleveland Ohio knows all our technology and processes would be nothing without a trained team backing them up. We require all crew members to undergo thorough background checks for your safety. We also require our school cleaning services teams to always be in uniform with an ID badge when cleaning in your school. We provide ongoing training to ensure our team is knowledgeable and aware of advancements in cleaning procedures and technology. We understand and comply with all OSHA cleaning standards for the most comprehensive clean possible.

Put the health and safety of your school in our well-trained hands. Call JAN-PRO of Cleveland Ohio today at (440) 605-9000 for more information on our school cleaning services.